Dating Plus Size?

Ten Reasons Dating Plus-Size is the Real Level Up

If you’re thinking about trying BBW encounters or are interested in dating plus-size singles, you’re in for a great experience.

4 min readJan 7, 2022


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Genuine people, by and large, tend to have curves, and it’s increasingly common to seek out authenticity over and above socially accepted norms!

There’s a lot to say about the BBW dating Canada scene, packed with fun, personality, and larger-than-life romance.

Here the Best10Dating team works through ten reasons you should try plus-size dating — if you haven’t already!

1. Avoid the Great Vanity Debate

Now, although body positivity is sweeping the globe, the standard on many dating sites is to see hyper posed photos, filtered profile shots and a fair amount of photoshop.

The problem here is that dating decisions should be based on a lot more substance than vanity.

BBW encounters are a breath of fresh air, with all the anxiety about being thin enough banished to the back of the room — confident, beautiful people don’t give a toss what anybody thinks.

2. Positive Physical Relationships

Standardized slimness is often a result of good nutrition and an active lifestyle.

However, many singles find that it’s a lot more sensual to have an epic hug with someone a little better rounded.

Voluptuousness and the now infamous ‘Dad-bod’ give the best cuddles you’ll ever have received. Try it for yourself!

3. Dining Out in Style

A-typical dates are often based around dinner and drinks (and absolutely nothing wrong with that!).

That said, dinner dates can be painfully awkward, if:

  • You’ve ever dated someone who ordered a salad — hold the dressing — and tap water.
  • Your date pauses halfway through to input their calories into an app.

Food is there to enjoy, and dining out with a plus-size person means you have a far greater chance of feeling the warm glow of a beautiful meal, eaten with delight.

4. Judgments Be-Gone

In a toxic cancel-culture environment, one bulge, one out-of-place hair, one lipstick smudge can quickly dip into the land of obsession.

Dating people who are captivated by their looks is miserable.

One of the most striking things for people new to BBW dating Canada is that the community and dating environment is a zero-judgement affair.

Everyone is valued, appreciated and supported.

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5. Laughter As a Medicine

It’d be a rubbish stereotype to assume that all plus-size people have a great sense of humour — but carrying a few extra pounds does often mean that dates have the incredible ability to find the fun in any situation.

Humour is a natural defence and something many larger individuals develop from an early age.

Bucking a trend and embracing your size in a world of social media comparison takes a great personality to back it up, and you’ll find a much smaller proportion of plus-size partners who have a negative outlook.

6. Drinking to the Good Stuff

Alcohol isn’t necessary to make a date great, but a glass of wine or two can help shake off those nerves.

Plus-size dates can, generally, handle their liquor, and you won’t find yourself carrying a person to the cab because a shot of tequila has transformed your date into a slurring mess.

Toast, drink, and be merry!

7. Mutual Support

Here’s a secret that you might not realize — the heavier you are, the stronger you are too.

Now, that’s a given in any sport or gym environment, and it’s also a huge reassurance for men and women alike.

A date who can help you up if you trip, carry their fair share of the shopping, and won’t freak out at the possibility of having to offer a helping hand is way better than someone so fragile you’re worried they’ll break.

8. For the Love of Fine Dining

Many plus-size folks don’t tend to eat any more than the next person — a gazillion factors, including genetics, influence weight!

However, dating a plus-size guy or girl means you’ll usually have an opportunity to sample each other’s favourite treats, share family recipes, and satisfy your midnight cravings as a couple.

9. Standing Out From the Crowd

If you’re not interested in a cookie-cutter relationship, plus-size dating is probably your jam.

Being proudly plus-size is a sure-fire sign a date will be unique, individual, and something very different from the replicas you’ll see elsewhere.

10. Style Over Fashion

Finally, the narrow world of fashion doesn’t exactly embrace plus-size figures, so you’ll find that larger singles have a very personal, developed sense of style.

When you can’t pick up the latest trend on the high street, you’ll usually have more intuitive knowledge about what suits you and what flatters your body type — and it makes for a genuinely individual personality you’ll want to explore.




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